New Zealand Breakfast 1 - Manuka Honey Drizzled Yogurt Cream & Kiwi Confit With Scone

"Eggs 'n' Things", restaurant originated in Hawaii serving Hawaiian style breakfast is very popular in Japan.
I love Hawaiian style breakfast.
Pancake stack with whipped cream and whipped cream, and whipped cream on top, pour maple syrup all over the dish... Aagh don't talk about calorie here.
But we also have great breakfast in New Zealand.
One of the great breakfast in New Zealand is... Scone, definitely.

I wrote Scone Recipe in here and telling how great scone is.

Hawaiian breakfast sounds very seducing but they are very very high in calorie and fat.. yeah sometimes is okay, nothing wrong with giving yourself a bit of treat, SOMETIMES.
I want to make breakfast with a taste of New Zealand, that is healthy and easy, yummy of course, also something can be a daily treat like you want to wake up just for that.
And This is.
"New Zealand Style Breakfast 1 - Manuka Honey Drizzled Yogurt Cream & Kiwi Confit With Scone"

ingredient(serves 4)

[Yogurt Cream]
1tbsp Icing Sugar
100ml Fresh Cream(not light or less-fat kind)
4tbsp Greek Yogurt

[Kiwi Confit]
2 Green or Gold Kiwi Fruit
2tsp Sugar

2tbsp Manuka Honey

1, Cut kiwifruit into 1cm pieces and sprinkle 2 tsp sugar then leave for 15 minute.
Lightly mix by spoon, set aside.

2, Place cream in the bowl and add icing sugar, then using electric mixer to whip until get a stiff peak.
Add greek yogurt and keep mix until the mixture get firmed up little bit.

3, Place Manuka Honey in a microwave safe container and warm up for 10sec~20sec or until it get pourable.

4, Split Scone in half, spoon the yogurt cream(2) on, then add kiwifruit confit(1), finally drizzle manuka honey(3). Voila!

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