Choux Creme "Cream Puff"

I make this choux only when large amount of giveaway ensured.
Although, they are really favourite of mine, they are something I can't resist, 'one-or-couple-aday' won't work for me, I will easily finish all in a day...
Therefore, I need them to be gone before I finish off all.

In Japan, choux is common sweet treat, you can find them in patisserie, super market, even convinience store. We call SHU- KURI- MU(choux creme).
My kiwi friends call them 'cream puff' instead!
I tried throgh few recipes of choux creme last couple years and developed to my taste, and THIS IS IT! Its crunchy texture this is the one I always come back to.

ingredient(12 ~ 15 pieces)
70g Milk
50g Water
50g Butter
2g Caster sugar
1g Salt
40g Plain flour
30g High grade flour
110g Egg(beaten)
*1/4 extra egg for brushing

300ml Fresh Cream
3Tbsp Icing sugar
few drops of vanilla essence

1, Preheat oven to 220C, Line baking paper on baking tray.
Also shift both plain flour and high grade flour together in a bowl and set aside.

2, Place milk, water, butter, sugar, salt into heavy based pot with high-heat.
Mix gently.

3, Remove pot from the heat when butter melt completely and bubbling up a bit.
Add shifted flour into the pot at once and immerdiately mix well using whisk.

4, Place pot with mixture back to medium-heat.
Keep kneading the mixture using rubber spatula for a minute.
When you can see thin layer of mixture stick to the bottom of the pan, its done, place the mixture to a bowl.(Don't need for scraping the layer stuck on bottom)

5, Add beaten eggs little by little to the mixture, probably 1tbsp at once.
Each time of adding egg, Mix well with rubber spatula.

6, Use electric mixer with one whisk attachment and mix until the mixture get smooth consistency.

7, Put mixture into piping bag with plain round nozzle.
Squeeze out into 4cm diameter round on baking tray.
Keep 5cm apart from each oter.
Brush beaten egg(for brushing) on top, and also press slightly with fork.

8, After you put them into oven, turn it down to 200C bake for 20mins.
Then turn it down to 180C bake for 10 mins, finally turn it down to 150C bake for another 10mins.
Let them cool down completely on cooling rack before you fill.

9, Place all the filling ingredient into a bowl and mix with low-speed of electric mixer for
a minuse then turn into high-speed and whip for 2 minutes.
I cut the top of choux and pipe the filling inside and put rid on.
You can spoon the filling inside too.

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