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Pain Traditional

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 Bread making is something that I am not just doing for eat, required skill and knowledge of bread of course and artistic mind with creativity which link to my job.
I made this coupé(Meaning of "Scored"), Small individual size of french bread using "pain traditional" dough. I made my own leaven with raisin 2 weeks ago.

What I reckon is, they tastes way different from store-bought one.
What I recommend is, pile up some cheese on top and then toast them until gets a bit crunchy.
Grind good amount of black pepper, and enjoy!
Simple yet, makes your breakfast something amazing.

Home-Made Leaven (about 4-5times of bread you can bake with)
80g Organic raisin(the one with NO-OIL COATING)
240ml Tap water

1, Prepare clean jar(preferably wide bottom with glass made one), Make sure the jar is dried.
Mix all the ingredient and leave for a week in warm place.

*It takes about 3days to be ready in summer time, 4~5days in spring/autumn time, a week to 10 days in winter time.

*Not to place under the sun.

*Shake once a day to let them breath.