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Dang Ping(蚕餅) Taiwanese Egg Roll


If you want to try something different, nor a butter on toast or weetbix either
a pancake, but kick start your morning.
I heard a lot of kiwi kids doesn't eat breakfast properly and I know there is
a bunch of kids buying snack or pie with fizzy drink from the daily eating them
off in the car on their way to school.
This is unacceptable because I am raised by mother who says breakfast is most
important meal of the day.
She used to wake up 5am to prepare our breakfast also lunch.
I don't wake up 5am but I still do have a breakfast properly.
The hint is, breakfast recipe should be easy and full of nutrition, also yummy
that makes kids jump off from the bed as my mother said.

This is one of her recipe.
蚕餅(Dang Ping) is Taiwanese dish, mainly eaten as breakfast.
Sticky yet not too heavy dough is rolled up with egg, dipping them with little
spicy flavourful sauce.
Also you can roll up with Ham or sliced salami, even cheese together.
It is easy prepared, I can make whole thing in 20 mins.

I recommend you buying a square pan, which you can easy find in Japan or I
suppose DAISO in Auckland have one? or you can order us square pan.
I will sort out the price and can give you a quote.

ingredients(4 small rolls, 2 big rolls)
50g Plain flour
50g High grade flour
30g Corn Starch(Tapioca flour is also replaceable)
200ml Water
A good pinch of salt
1 Spring onion(sliced finely)

4 Egg

1 tbsp Oyster sauce
1 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tsp Honey
1 tbsp water

1, Mix the [Dough] ingredient in the bowl. And crack 4 eggs in the jar and mix
well, set aside.

2, Heat your pan, preferably small kind, to medium high.
Tip little bit of oil if your pan isn't a non-stick kind, if it is then no need
for oil. Pour about 80ml of [Dough] mixture into the pan or the amount could
make one thin single layer on your pan.

3, Flip when its just cook through, don't need it to be browned or coloured.
So same the other side. Set cooked [Dough] sheet aside, continue same process
until your [Dough] mixture finishes.

4, Make sure your pan is nice and clean, Tip little bit of oil on your pan.
Pour the egg mixture to make a thin single layer.
While the egg is slightly runny on top, stick one [Dough] sheet on top.
After awhile, Roll it up just like making a swiss roll.
*If you want make it with Ham or Salami, Cheese, place whatever you like
top of the [Dough] sheet and roll it up together.

5, When you roll it up, it should be stayed in one side of pan, and other side
is free. Pour the egg mixture into the free-side of pan, make a thin single
layer again. This makes egg mixture sticks to the roll.
When the egg mixture cook through, roll it up again.
Done, continue this process for another roll.