Home Made Paneer

ingredient(serve 2~3)
1litre Milk(not light or reduce kind)
40ml Lemon Juice
A pinch of Salt

1, It can be made 1day~2days ahead.
Boil Milk in the heavy based pot. Mix it continuously to not to let it stick on base.

2, Once its boiled, turn heat down to low. Add a pinch of salt, and gradually add lemon juice and GENTLY mix it through, then you will find cottage cheese alike rumps come up. Gently simmer until the liquid is yellowish, see-through colour.

3, Drain the water(this water is the one selling in super market as "buttermilk" you can use it for baking or cooking, also they do drink in india).
Place paneer into cotton cloth, squeeze the liquid out as much as possible.
Place something heavy on top to be shaped.
What I always do is cover paneer with cotton cloth and place small side dish on top, then place mortar on the dish, this way they can squeeze the last bit of liquid.

4, After 2~3 hours, Paneer should be firm enough to cut. Keep it in fridge.

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