Beau Ciel, Boulangerie

I went to the boulangerie called "Beau Ciel" , which is located in Yotsukaido, Japan.
It took me about 10 minutes by driving from my parent's place.
The owner of the shop is REAL FRENCH(I mean it, REAL FRENCH!)and wow, all the pastry and bread, sweet are so tempting! Actually the location is kind of out-of-the-way in this city so it is surprising there is a loong queue of customer in the shop, in such a place!
I went there like 10AM but some of them are already sold out!


Mocha Cream Roll.
Chocolate dipped bread filled with mocha cream with almond flakes. ¥169? ¥189?


Kouign Amann.
Little salty, crunchy crust with soft texture inside.
This is famous, yet traditional sweet in France.
 ¥210(which is pretty expensive compared to other shop around?)


This is really tasty!
Different thing is they have two rondos, one is berried on top filled with whipped cream but this one caught my eyes.
This one has tropical fruit on top, filled with custard cream and whipped cream.
Their custard tastes very different from the one I have been tasted and I really really like it!!

 I might go for the savoury next time

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