Raw Donut, Milk Tea Flavour

This is new trend in Japan, called "Raw-Donut", sounds weird but it is practically not a donut.
Ingredient is exactly same as bavarois so the process is but the shape.
We once had a trend of "Baked-Donut" but now the trend is "Raw-Donut" as we know that American style deep fried donuts are extremely unhealthy, is the cause of obese.
So we are tend to go for healthier option to enjoy donuts.

Simple ingredients and easy preparation, quick dessert. They can be morning or afternoon tea, or supper as they are really light.

I made "Milk Tea Flavour Raw-Donut" this time.
You need Silicon donut shape for this recipe, use small shape if you are keen for petit donut.
I used the one with almost 7cm diameter for an each shape.

Ingredients (6 donuts)

100ml Full-Fat Milk
30ml Water
4 Teabags(I used Dilmah, you can use earl grey,  Chai)
2 Egg Yolk
30g White Sugar
1 tsp Honey
1tbsp Gelatin
140ml Fresh Cream

1, Place Full-Fat MIlk and Water into microwavable bowl and heat 1 minute.
In different bowl, Soak Gelatin with 1 1/2 tbsp of water to make it soften, set aside.

2, Add 4 Teabags to the (1) bowl, Cover with wrap and set a side, leave at least 10 minutes. Remove the teabags.

3, Place Egg Yolk and White Sugar, Honey into a jar then mix well. Combine them into (2) the bowl and heat up with microwave for 30 seconds without cover. Mix and if its not thickened yet, then heat up again for 30 seconds until it get thicker.

4, Combine (3) egg mixture and soften gelatin which is prepared in (1).

5, Whip the Fresh Cream to soft peaks, not fully whipped but still hold its own weight.
Add 1 scoop of whipped cream into (3) and stir well using spatula. When its almost combined, add remaining whipped cream in then gently stir.

6, Pour the mixture into each shape, place it in the fridge for 2 hours or until it gets nice and firm.

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2 Responses to “Raw Donut, Milk Tea Flavour ”

  1. Wow I've never heard of these before, looks really interesting! I'll have to give it a go.

    1. Hi Linno, yes I also never ever heard about "RAW DONUT" in New Zealand... but when I came back to Japan, everybody goes " hey lets go and get some raw-donut". Seems like they don't know how awkward the sound of it :P hope you will enjoy it!!><